Best drumming album of all time?

Imminent Film

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Giant Steps - Coltrane (just to throw out another)

Presence - Zeppelin (his playing just got so solid by then)

Stanley Clarke - Stanley Clarke (convinced me that Tony Williams was God)



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I started playing drums after Billy Cobham "Spectrum" ..this album killed me..
I also agree with John ..."one more once " is fantastic..but there was smitty smith on some tracks..


Anchein Vouivra

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King Crimson : In the Court of the Crimson King

Mahavishnu Orchestra : The lost Trident Sessions

Billy Cobham : Shabazz

Ernest Ranglin : Below the Bassline

Deep Purple : Made in Japan

Led Zeppelin : Presence

Jon Hiseman : About Time Too

Primus : Tales from the Punchbowl

Tool : Aenima

Nostromo : Ecce Lex

Elemental Nausea

in the heavy genre it is definitely "epitaph" or also "onset of putrefaction" by the german underground technical/progressive death metal band "necrophagist". really very insane, both albums. A really funky and direction-giving funk/rock album is blood sugar sex magik by the peppers i think. I have become more involved in jazz and latin music(for example santana or coltrane) but i cant tell which one the best album is


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Hella - Hold Your Horse Is

Everything Zach Hill has played on is a huge influence to me but I think Hella's first record really shines as one of the most important (though overlooked) and greatest drumming albums of all time. He introduces a completely unique style and approach, and plays with the greatest intensity I've ever seen or heard. The fact that he was only 21 when they recorded it is pretty amazing as well.


YYZ is the airport code for Toronto's airport.

If you can find a copy, look for James Newton Howard and Friends, from the 1984. It was recorded with the finest recording equipment and technology and still sounds REALLY good. It was considered a good reference disk for stereophiles and high end stereo sales all through the 80s.

It has Jeff Porcaro on drums (obviously one of my faves, if you've read my threads). It doesn't have any mind boggling drum parts, but the sound is superb.


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tylernator, Stu Strib, and RTDRUMS split the prize. "YYZ" is the airport code for Toronto, and when you play those three letters in Morse code it's the beginning rhythm of the song. And your prize is that you get to post in a thread that I started.


HEY! Stop throwing thoses tomatoes!

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DogBreath said:
tylernator and RTDRUMS split the prize. "YYZ" is the airport code for Toronto, and when you play those three letters in Morse code it's the beginning rhythm of the song. And your prize is that you get to post in a thread that I started.


HEY! Stop throwing thoses tomatoes!

Hey cool! So that's a double trivia. I never knew the morse code bit. Have you checked that for urban legend, though?



Yes, its true. That is the morse code for YYZ.

I also learned that YYZ lost in the Grammy's for best rock instrumental tune to "Behind My Camel" by the Police. As a teen I was a huge police fan and Stewart Copeland fan, but 23 years later, I can unequivacally state that "Camel" is crap compared to YYZ ;-)


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Stu_Strib said:
I never knew the morse code bit. Have you checked that for urban legend, though?

No need, I was a Cub Scout thirty years ago when you actually had to work for the merit badges. The code for the letters is this:

Y = - . - -
Y = - . - -
Z = - - . .

Just say them out loud as "dash" and "dot" and you will hear the rhythm that is repeated over and over at the beginning of the song.

Tomorrow's lesson will be how to start a fire with a stick and a shoelace.


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I love that there are so many RUSH fans on here! RUSH has been my favorite band since junior highschool. I have seen them in concert 23 times and counting...There new album should be out also it is called: FEEDBACK.

Moving on:

RUSH - Exit Stage Left is an awesome drumming album

TOOL - Lateralus

QUEENSRYCHE - Operation Mind Crime - Scott Rockenfield is sick!

Any Dave Weckl album!

311 - 311

Animosity - Sevendust

There are just too many to name!


Joe Morris said:
Michel Camilo. Album name "One more Once" Drummer Cliff Almond. Latin instrumental music at its best. Check it out.
I can only agree with that statement! Cliff Almond plays superbly on that record! Especially on the tune 'Caribe' - WOW! that drumsolo!
I could put a hundred but here we go, some of my faves :

Any Dennis Chambers

Dave Matthews Band The Mighty Carter Beauford
Live At Red Rocks
Before These Crowded Streets
The Central Park Concert
Busted Stuff
any Beauford is magical for me anyway !!!

CHick Corea Akoustic Band Live From Blue Note Tokyo : This cd is almost impossible to find but it features a 1992 Vinnie Colaiuta on fire !!!!

Sting Ten Summoner's Tale Vinnie C again !

Slayer Seasons in the Abyss Dave Lombardo (and Reign in Blood and South of Heaven)

Sepultura Arise & Chaos A.D Igor Cavalera

Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia with Nicholas Barker

Death Symbolic Gene Hoglan

Death Human Sein Reinheart

Rush Rush in Rio, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures Neil "The Professor" Peart

Tool Aenima and Lateralus Danny Carey

Spocks Beard Snow Nick D Virgillio : he should be on Drummerworld !!! Highly Underrated

Billy Cobham Spectrum

Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of FIre Billy Cobham

Tony Williams Lifetime : The Collection

Dream Theater Scenes from a Memory,Awake Mike Pornoy

Joe Satriani Joe Satriani with Manu Katché

Peter Gabriel Secret Wordl Live Manu Katché

ACDC Back in Black,Highway To Hell Phill Rudd

Metallica Master Of puppets, And Justice for All, Black Album (the production of the drums on that album !!!) Larzzzzz

Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magic Chad Smith

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti Bonzo !!

Deep Purple Made in Japan Ian "The Mule " Paice

Rage Against Tha Machine Self Titled Brad Wilk

Nile In their Darkened Shrines Tony Laureano

Machine Head Burn My Eyes Chris Kontos

Pantera Far Beyond Driven, Vulgar Display of Power Vinnie Paul R I P Dime !!!

Bon Jovi Keep The Faith Tico Torres is badass on this one !

Judas Priest Painkiller Scott Travis

Cryptopsy None So Vile Flo Mounier

Chick Corea Friends Steve Gadd

Steely Dan Aja (Ouch !!!) so many great drummers on this one Gadd, Purdie etc

Any Buddy Rich Cd is good

Chick Corea Akoustick Live with Dave Weckl

The Live DVD From Amsterdam from Toto with the Mighty Simon Phillips on drums !

Living colour Vivid & Time's up Will Calhoun

Korn Korn David Silveria

Dave Brubeck Time Out Joe Morello

Toto Greatest Hits with the late Jeff Porcaro

Mudvayne The end of all things to come Matt McDonough

Slipknot Iowa Joey Jordison

Limp Bizkit Significant Other John Otto

Megadeth Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction Nick Menza

Porcupine Tree In Absentia Gavin Harrison

Fear Factory Demanufacture Raymond Herrera

Liquid tension experiment 1&2 Mike Portnoy

Motley Crue Dr Feelgood Tommy Lee

System of A Down Toxicity John Dolmayan

Black Sabbath Paranoid Bill Ward

I ll stop here but I could add a gazillion others !!!!
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Nice post! Gave me an hours worth of music to sample on iTunes!


Breakbeat Milo

I think that Lateralus of Tool is a great-so-f*cking-amazing-hard-to-believe-etc drum album!!! Danny do other planet things on that record.

And Jojo Mayer's Screaming Headless Torsos (album indentically named) is so great too. Funky beats por everyone.

Billy Cobham's Spectrum... well.... nothing to say about it...... It's just...... I mean.... You know....

Incubus' Jose Pasillas' S.C.I.E.N.C.E. I believe this is the best band-album recorded on the 90's. Everysong is great... EVERY! And Jose do amazing things...