Best drumming album of all time?

Swiss Matthias

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Serious Young Insects - On The Virg, Drummer: Virgil Donati

Drumming from a different planet!!

Secrets - Allan Holdsworth, Drummer: Vinnie Colaiuta

Drumming from another different planet.

EnRoute Live - John Scofield, Drummer: Bill Stewart

(I know it's been mentioned before in the thread

Also: Bill Stewart's solo records like Telepathy or Incandescence


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"Moonloop" by Porcupine Tree, from 1994. Drumming by Chris Maitland, which is just amazing, its really the definition of groove if you ask me!


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Many great drummers, bands and albums have been listed on this long ongoing thread. It has been educational for me as I checked out several I was not familiar with and even purchased a couple of albums on iTunes because of it.

It is a very hard choice but I would personally have to go with Deep Purple's Machine Head. In my formative years as a musician (though not yet a drummer), it made such an impression on me. Ian Paice's energy, agility and musicality caught my ear as a youngster back then and has stayed with me to this day.