BEST Drum track you’ve ever heard


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I think if I had pick a song that represents my entire drum philosophy, it would be this.

Play exactly what the song needs and have fun. We don't get to do this forever.


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Skid Row - Monkey Business

In your face variety; and, the 3 double China hits at the end - is punctuating the song.

England Dan John Ford Coley - Nights are Forever

Obviously a beautiful tune besides - it’s a rarity in that it surprisingly features an octoplus (listen for wide range of melodic concert toms).
Is this Mr. Blaine?

yep...Slave To The Grind is one of the most underated albums of the 90's I is in my top 20 of all time for sure...and I often find my self listening to other metal -and really any rock genre albums - and saying "what if this sounded like STTG?"

I LOVE drumming to this album!!!

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And when Rob Afusso plays the cowbell with his right hand, he is playing the hats and snare with his left hand. Nice little open handed piece.

So funny this song was brought up. I actually made pretty much the exact same comment to Rob on Facebook a while back, and he appreciated it. That song straight up rocks.


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Reflection by tool is mental. It sounds deceptively simple until you realise he's doing all the percussion parts with his right hand. The groove keeps building and there is crazily perfect dynamics throughout the whole thing. You can barely hear the floor toms being played.