Best Drum Track Of All Time

Kenny Aldrich

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"best" is really subjective but I will say my favorite track is steve gadd on the title track of steely dan's album aja

fat in the middle

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i don't think it has been recorded yet,,but if i had to choose just one,,to live with on an island,,ummm something by zigaboo,,jeez this is hard....cissy strut?? i could do my survival chores to that for sure..


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Its impossible to really determine a "best", its like picking the "best" drummer

I can't really even pick a favorite right now, a lot to choose from


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Some tracks that first inspired me to learn a technique:
a) Neil Peart - Subdivisions (off of Signals album) => two surface riding
b) Dave Weckl - Tower of Inspiration (off of Master Plan album) => beat displacement
c) Rod Morgenstein - Assembly Line and Divided We Stand by the Dixie Dregs (can't remember which albums) => ghost notes and accents in some very unique progressive rock grooves in 4/4 and 12/8



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So many come to mind.

Highway Star - Ian Pace
What is Hip - David Garibaldi
Black Dog - Bonzo
Space Boogie - Simon Phillips
La Grange - Frank Beard

Hard to choose.



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Moon...Won't get Fooled cut
Ringo....Strawberry Fields Forever
Bonzo......Fool in the Rain
Phil Collins.....Los Endos
Peart.........War Paint (not what you would expect, ech?)
Harvey Mason....Funk in a Mason Jar
Buddy.....anything ever recorded
Krupa........Sing sing sing


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"when the levee brakes" by Led Zeppelin.the song isn't. the hardest tune to play but it just starts out so damn cool and a drum tone to die for.not my favorite Zeppelin tune but it still sends a chill up my spine when I first hear it on the radio.Drum tone and just a cool drum beat.Bonham really creates the "less is more" factor.



Rosanna, Jeff Porcaro


Late in the Evening by Steve Gadd


In Your Eyes, by Manu Katche Jr.

to name only three of about 100,000 "best" drum tracks of all time


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some great ones already mentioned here for sure.

i'd like to add:

Rain - The Beatles, Ringo

Some Like It Hot - The Power Station, Tony Thompson

Forget All About It
Not Wrong Long
Under The Ice -- all by Nazz (Todd Rundgren's first group), Thom Mooney

Free - Chicago, Danny Seraphine

and i'm sure there are MANY MANY more. this post could go on forever without a doubt!!


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Well, I agree that I don't want to say "best" but here are some of my favorites -at least, this week.

Aretha Franklin's version of _Respect_ with Roger Hawkins on drums

Shelly Manne playing _on green dolphin street_ or _A gem from tiffany_ from 'live at the manne hole vol. 2'

Marvin Gaye's 'heard it through the grapvine' -not actually sure of the drummer on this tune off hand. The opening fill kills me very time, though. what a groove

Philly Joe on Kenny Dorham's _Philly Twist_

Meg White on 'denial Twist', seriously.

Jerome Deupree on the song _Buena_ by Morphine -taseful, tasty goodness.

Jimmy Chamberlin on _Tristessa_ and _snail_ from the smashing pumkin's album Gish.

Bill Wither's _Ain't no sunshine_ Again, I dunno who's drummin' on this one. I love this song, though -just so stunningly pretty and sad and such groovy-tastefull drumming at what, at least to me, is usually a pretty akward tempo.

-And I'll cut myself off there; just like all of us I'm sure, I could go all afternoon and I know I'm forgetting some big ones. It's funny, but I can't usually get into the drumming on a song unless I like the song itself. I don't really have any songs that I listen to 'for the drumming' per se.


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I wouldn't even know where to begin! There have been too many drum tracks recorded and none of us has heard them are.


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Sorry to be cliche', but all of Elvin's playing on A Love Supreme.

Seriously, if aliens came to earth and asked ME personally to give them one piece of evidence as to why humans are worthwhile/should not be destroyed, I'd give them that.


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Musically, gotta go with Porcaro on ROseanna. Groove, dynamics, sound/tone, smooth. creative.
Puts a dance in my pants, Simon on Space Boogie with Beck. Also like his tracks on Give Blood Live" by Pete Townshend.
Groove marathon = BOnham, take yourt pick, but specifically on Levee and D'yer Mak'r, Black Dog, In my time of dying...
Jason Bonham on entrie album 'Paul Rogers Tribute to Muddy Waters" . Phenomenal drumming on simple blues.
oh i almost forgot...."Paul Liem on Amy Grant album "1974" killer drum tracks and musical licks on what otherwise was a pretty bland album. But his drum sounds and groove and licks are timeless. that cd rocks even today and it is 16-18 yrs old.
Nabster - just my 2 cents


jazzsnob said:
Sorry to be cliche', but all of Elvin's playing on A Love Supreme.

Seriously, if aliens came to earth and asked ME personally to give them one piece of evidence as to why humans are worthwhile/should not be destroyed, I'd give them that.
You are apologizing for this, quite possibly the single best response ever on any forum anywhere?