Best drum rug?


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FWIW, the rug I've been using for the last 15 years never came with any kind of backing. It's just a plain flat piece of gray non-backed indoor/outdoor carpet I got at Home Depot that's about 6 feet square (after I trimmed it to size) and it weighs about a pound. Cost was about 20 bones. As long as my throne is on it I never had a sliding issue even on a tile floor. Close to 1000 gigs with it. Fits inside my bass drum case like nothing.
This. Cheap, effective, and lasts for years. Velcro sticks to it really well, too. Best of all, if you get coffee, beer, blood, or puke on the rug, you can just scrub it down with a soapy push broom and hose it off in the driveway! 😆


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my wife did an area rugs purge and in the end, the band ended up with a few 5x7, 4x6 oriental rugs for our space and under the drums.
Honestly, the design and colors in many of these style rugs compliment the look better than just a "black" rug....