Best drum rug?


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You can go to hardware stores or department stores and buy area rugs. You do have to know how big a footprint your kit has to get the right size rug. If you opt for a smaller rug make sure that your throne and bass drum are on the rug, that way the kick wont move away from you.
My kit sits on a rubber backed "rug" that is supposed to go under large area rugs and keep them from moving when placed on hard floors. A drum rug also allows you to mark where everything is supposed to go, so set up at gigs is easier.

Trip McNealy

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That On-Stage one is just a glorified yoga mat. Would work no doubt to prevent slippage and stuff, but eventually looks like it'll wear out or tear if your not careful. I get my drum rugs from - they have [mostly] every conceivable size you could need and pretty good prices.

Old Dog new Cans

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I've never thought to spend that amount on a "drum" rug. I just get a 4x6 at Ebay and I'm good. Are the drum rugs actually made better? Are they made to be more "grippy"?

No Way Jose

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Walmart has 5 x 7 ft. rugs on sale sometimes for about USA $ 20. Just watch and wait for a sale.


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If I have to use a rug - I use the mat from the trunk of an old Volvo wagon - works like a charm.. and I don't have to pack it as it's always in my trunk if needed. It's a dark grey woven fabric that's rubber backed, tough as nails - it perfectly fits a kick, stool and hihat legs. Works for me..

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I just use a regular mat I bought at Ikea many, many years ago.

I have usually had the Protection Racket non-slip ones at work, but I'm not really to fond of those. Non-slip is mostly a pain because moving things around a little bit without having to take everything off is a very welcome quality in most cases apart from on on a riser. Even then, I've never seen the need except for the rubber being useful for very dirty floors. If you're on the same level as everyone else, not having to move a bit after everything is set up is the exception rather than the rule. It's pretty much expected that someone needs the drums move a little bit.


"Uncle Larry"
FWIW, the rug I've been using for the last 15 years never came with any kind of backing. It's just a plain flat piece of gray non-backed indoor/outdoor carpet I got at Home Depot that's about 6 feet square (after I trimmed it to size) and it weighs about a pound. Cost was about 20 bones. As long as my throne is on it I never had a sliding issue even on a tile floor. Close to 1000 gigs with it. Fits inside my bass drum case like nothing.


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I have a couple of these. 5x3' with a rubber bottom. They are light and roll up small enough to fit in most hardware bags. It's just enough room to have the kick and hihat stand on. The throne doesn't need to touch this one. The pile isn't thick so you don't have to worry about your kick/pedal sinking in and bouncing or angling. When it is sufficiently dirty you just spray it down with a hose outside and you're g2g.

I have several hundred gigs on one of them with no worries and no creep at all.



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Mine is a 5x7 oriental rug I found at a thrift store for $3. Nice enough where my wife tried to claim it. (nope!)


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Mine just happens to have rubber backing but it’s not necessary.. I can slide it if I have to but that’s rare.. I generally throw my drums down in the right location every time. I used to just use a light carpet.. but the car mat is always there if I need it.


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Try the new Zildjian Gig Drum Rug. It’s $69, light, and folds up into a bag you can put over your shoulder. It’s 4.5’ x 5.5’. Used it last gig. Works great.


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anything rubber-backed and non-slip will do the job, personally i have the ahead armor one and it does exactly what i need it to do, but you could even get two smaller non-slip rugs from your local carpet place or supermarket and put them together to make one big one on stage for yourself, all depends if you want a named companies mat or if any old mat will do :)


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I used a 6x10 area rug from a Home Depot until the backing broke down (about 8 years). Now I’m trying a Tama rug. Much smaller roll than the area rug cuz it has a thin, very flexible backing, unlike a normal rug. So far, so good.

I’ve also used a small Kaces Crash Pad when I need a small footprint. It has a built-in wedge in front to stop the bass drum from sliding, but it can get in the way of a mic stand.