Best drum rug?


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I never thought of getting one but I now realized why my set would move slightly when I beat on it. So today, Musicians Friend has the Road Runner Drum Rug on sale for $69.99. It's still too much just for a rug. Any other suggestions?


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You can go to hardware stores or department stores and buy area rugs. You do have to know how big a footprint your kit has to get the right size rug. If you opt for a smaller rug make sure that your throne and bass drum are on the rug, that way the kick wont move away from you.
My kit sits on a rubber backed "rug" that is supposed to go under large area rugs and keep them from moving when placed on hard floors. A drum rug also allows you to mark where everything is supposed to go, so set up at gigs is easier.

Trip McNealy

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That On-Stage one is just a glorified yoga mat. Would work no doubt to prevent slippage and stuff, but eventually looks like it'll wear out or tear if your not careful. I get my drum rugs from - they have [mostly] every conceivable size you could need and pretty good prices.

Old Dog new Cans

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I've never thought to spend that amount on a "drum" rug. I just get a 4x6 at Ebay and I'm good. Are the drum rugs actually made better? Are they made to be more "grippy"?