Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Tony Marz

So did we come to a conclusion?
I 'm about to pull the trigger on the pdp direct drive double pedal and the matching HH stand.

Ive never even played a dircte drive before.
I've been playing a 90's dw 5000 single for 20 years but it's always seemed too sluggish to me.
i use to use a original tama single with a nylon strap that was super fast.
(But I was also 15 at the time lol)
now im fat and 41

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Pearl 902's.
I've had mine for 18 years and they're rock solid in every respect. Even after all these years stomping on them, there's no loose fittings, joints or issues.
Really good ones.


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For long-time drummers, I still play with 2 legendary Tama Camco Professional Pedal. For those looking for a very light pedal, here is one. Multiple settings on the 2 '' Cam '', that of the center and that of side where there is the spring. Too bad I have the '' Rolling Cam '', the round. I would prefer the oval, kind Power Glide. They are over 25 years old and they work perfectly. Traditional beater, real longboard (I'm 14 1/2) in the shape of a foot, fast enough but I'll probably change them for Tama Iron Cobra HP900 Power Glide or the like, gear pedals because I have 29 years of experience and had a solid basic training, then Rock & Metal but with a certain health problem that affects my motor skills, I need fast pedals to fill my speed. I think Tama IC HP900 Power Glide because my drum kit is a Tama ... but if you have suggestions for pedals that would give me more speeds than the HP900, go there. Give me your suggestions please. Thank you all. PS: For collectors, my Tama Camco Pro are A1, clean and rare. From time to time, I see on eBay between $ 100 and $ 150 + ship each depending on their condition. This is the price of Tama HP900 Power Glide. They are for sale or exchange. Thanks again.



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Would you ride a single pedal bike when you were just starting out?

I wouldn't think for someone just starting out that I would get a double bass pedal, you should work on getting limb independence and working on the basics first with a single pedal imo.
Anyways to get on with the post, I use tama speed cobra double pedals, you can get them on doing payments and I love them.
Im going to get me some axis pedals next.


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I've been rocking a Pearl P902 for at least 5 years. Single chain, hardly any adjustments except power shifter. Cost $100 when I bought it. It's plenty fast (I am/was a death metal drummer). I need to replace the driveshaft at this point, the u-joints are sloppy. That's to be expected though. The rest of the pedal is still solid.


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After 20+ years of DW 5000 doubles, I went and got one from my memory bank. Yamaha BP9315 -the pre Flying Dragon- and boy is that thing nice. Just the way I remembered.

I'm so used to the throw on the AD5000 that the "roundness" of the 9315 cam is taking a slight adjustment on my part. But, boy, does it fly and so smooth. I ordered the newest Yamaha 2 sided beater (think DW) that's on the latest models. The medium round felt is just too light.

I'm no longer much into double bass but this thing is effortless for this old guys ancient speed metal legs.

Old Dog new Cans

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Cheapest double pedal one could get away with?
If you're looking for cheaper alternatives to good quality OR new name brand equipment, just go to Ebay and search double bass pedal. There are TONS of used, quality brand name pedals. Or, you can get an off name brand or an unbranded double bass pedal for less than $100.

You MUST buy from a reputable seller on Ebay. If you don't, you can run into scammers, or just bad business-minded sellers.


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I just picked up a Pear Eliminator Redline double pedal and it's by far the best one I've owned. My only complaint is it still had the dreaded latency and the slave pedal felt sluggish with very little bounce. So I ordered a Trick driveshaft to replace the "aircraft quality" factory driveshaft and wow, what a difference. Zero latency and no slop. The slave unit now feels and reacts just like the main unit. $$$ but worth it imo. At this price point Pearl should include the Demon Drive driveshaft with this unit.