Best Double Bass Drum Pedal


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What recommendations do you have for Double Bass Drum Pedals. Which is the best - and why?

Looking at a whole bunch right now and I need your help.

Has anyone tried the Duallist? Or the Off Center one?

Thanks for the help.

I use a Yamaha FP9. I love it and it comes with a belt. The pearl eliminator redline is unmatched in adjustability. I also like the DW 5000, but haven’t tried the 9000. I’d go with the FP9 or redline.


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I will preface this comment that I do not consider myself a double bass pedal player. I have owned a few over the years and quickly sold them as I far prefer playing gigs with a single pedal . That being said, I do own a Yamaha Direct Drive double pedal from the last series before the FP9 came out . It has a nice smooth footboard , it is very smooth and quick and I quite enjoy playing it on my practice kit .
Yamaha bass drum pedals are very underrated , I have had a few over the years and they are very good workmanlike pedals . Maybe it is the lack of fancy features or the lack of advertising on Yamaha’s behalf that leads to this lack of knowledge . Too bad because they are worth looking into as they can be had quite reasonably and they play well and are very sturdy and reliable .!