best cymbals for the money?


Just buy the most versatile cymbals you can. Most non-drummers won't notice the difference between a Zildjian K and an A custom.

I'm a Zildjian purist, I'd stick with Zildjian A customs...they're versatile, bright, and have enough punch and high end to cut through most mixes.

Sabian AAs are good too..similar sound design as the Zildjian A customs.

You can get some great deals buying used cymbals online...I suggest going to your local music store and playing around on them first though.


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I use all Zildjian K, K custom, A custom mastersound hats. Zildjians are amazing cymbals but bloody expensive unless you go used which I did. With a lot of time and patience I managed to buy and sell and have upgraded with less money than one would think.

To your question. I have heard that Dream cymbals are professional hand made cymbals. Beware though; I also hear that the same cymbal series varies widely in sound, and there are duds out there. Other than that they are fantastic cymbals at a fantastic price. 30-40% of the cost of highend Zildjians.



I agree with others here. The best cymbals for the money are used. Beyond that, there are lots of wonderful cymbals out there and lots of good deals if you're persistent and methodical.

Keep a sharp eye on Used Victoria -- there are some great deals there. You'll see Sabian, Zildjian and Paiste are the most common cymbal brands that come up for sale around here. All three make great cymbals but spend your time looking at the pro-quality cymbals from each manufacturer (e.g., Sabian HH or AA, Zildjian K or A, Paiste 602 or 2002, etc.) . Used cymbals in good condition (no keyholing, no cracks, no nicks, no dents) that are priced well around here seem to go for around 50-60% of what they retail for new. Visit Long & McQuade or check their website to get a feel for local new prices. Pay no attention to manufacturer's suggested retail prices -- they are not grounded in reality.

Try and figure out what you like in a cymbal -- heavy pingy ride or super washy crashable ride or ?? When you see a used cymbal you think may be interesting, do your price research. If it seems like a reasonable deal, call the seller to make sure it sounds like what you're looking for, then go have a look. Bring a drum stick you're used to and a cymbal or two from your current setup for reference. Play it -- all of it -- ride it, crash it, play the bell. If you like it, buy it! Repeat as required...

Best of luck!

atm i am low on cash so it will be a while till i can get cymbals because i bought a new drumkit but i will keep an eye out for good pricings and what to look for =)