Best Cover Ever?



We can disagree on this one.. the thing i love about the shaggs is how pure it is and that none of it is even close to perfect.. when you iron it out like this it just sounds like a coldplay b-side.. not improved, just different.
All I know is I can (mercifully) get the Shaggs outta my head. But not that guys cover.

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Tears for Fears do a live version of Mad World now that kind of combines both versions and is amazing. I get why people don’t like the original but my brother and I always like to say the original sounds like it is about a Mad World, whereas Gary Jules is singing about a Sad World. Also it’s not his fault, but Jules really kicked off the trend of movies (his version was used for Donnie Darko) using sad covers of pop songs.
Hearing someone slating TFF like that was like getting tinfoil in a filling. 🤤


Aerosmith ----- "Walkin the dog"
Aersosmith------"Train Kept a rollin"
Led Zeppelin----"Bring it on home"
Led Zeppelin------"In My Time Of Dying"
Rush----------"Summertime Blues"