Best batter for a 26"


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It depends on what you are looking for. Personally, I like a Coated Powerstroke 4 batter and either a Smooth White Powerstroke 3 or Emperor for a reso.


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totally depends on what sound you want and feel you want. my personal go to head would be an aquarian superkick series head if it was me.


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Totally depends on what sound you're looking for. Also, not all 26's are created equal.

That said, I have a Ludwig 3 ply 26x14, with a Superkick I batter and a Fiberskyn2 reso.


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I like a coated PS3 or an EQ4. I have them both on a 24" and a 26" Classic Maple. They both tune up well, and if you want to tune low they won't have a papery quality that you can get with an Ambassador or G1. I have found this is more pronounced when not using muffling or a port. If I just want a fast, punchy kick when using a mic inside w or w/o a port Emad it is.

paradiddle pete

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All good advice here, Have gone for Evans Calftone and Calftone Emad as all I can get otherwise are clear heads and I'm not a fan , I like coated heads. Have done the power stroke 3 batter and fibrskyn combo before on Ludwig Legacy Maple and like it, thought I'd try something different on a Walnut 26" by 12" this time. can always try something else later I guess.