BEST bass drum head comparison on the internet, bar none.

Al Strange

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Cool upload cheers! I really liked the Aquarian Superkick range; which I’ve never played...also made me consider dusting off my PS3 CS Black Dot on my 24”, though I’m more than happy with my EMAD heavyweight! Strange how the choice of head and tuning can affect the sound so dramatically... :unsure: ??


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Did you know there are 73 bass drum heads to choose from? Me neither.

You can really hear the differences! This video is a phenomenal resource IMO.

Agreed and thanks for posting this.
Tympano makes the best bass drum comparison videos.

This is one is really comprehensive for just 1 video and makes it easy to a-b-c compare. Again, they also leave out annoying intro music, long prefaces, or commentaries-- and get right into it without over-playing (another rare feature on these type of videos)

(It also states this is a mash-up of 3 prior bass drum head comparison videos, so no wonder it looks familiar!).
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Cmdr. Ross

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All I can think of seeing this is how long it took to produce. If the internet had an Academy Award, he'd get it.