Best amp for Roland Octapad?


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Just ordered a Roland, as I’ll be using this as my kit in an acoustic trio for gigs I can’t use drums (rather than a cajon). Any suggestions for a small, relatively light amp that is loud enough to be heard with one plugged in acoustic guitar in the band? This is my first foray into amps, and all I know is to look at ones that are e-drum “compatible” or keyboard amps, since there are lows and highs in the sounds. Thanks.


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I would recommend looking into a powered PA speaker. Yamaha and QSC have some nice offerings that work well with edrums. Getting good low end can be problematic without adding a sub, but I would think that it might not be too critical for an acoustic trio.


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I'd get a powered PA speaker with a 15" woofer and a tweeter, preferably used. Maybe look at an old JBL EON. A 15" may feel like overkill in a coffee shop or something like that, but if you ever play outside, it'll be worth it.