Bernhard's new DW...


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My new DW Kit - nostalgic white marine - just arrived. Sound awesome - also the Paiste new essentials (Vinnie.....)

Just some pics....




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Just the right finish Bernhard - it looks wonderful! I like your stick storage cabinet too, & your "old school" gathered gaffer tape muffling :) Is your old kit going to the beach? ;) ;) Curious, what encouraged you to swap your Ludwigs for DW, just fancied a change?

While I have your attention, might you think of taking a trip to the London Drum show this year (October)? There's forum members flying in from all over Europe plus from the USA & even Australia. Would be great to meet up :) Just a thought.


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Beautiful Bernhard, White Marine Pearl always makes my heart beat faster just by looking at it. Love the bass mounted ride cymbal. I see that you even have the matching snare.


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Great looking kit, I noticed reinforcement rings. Is that the DW Classic series shells? Bet they sound as lood as they look. The new Paiste cymbals look great as well. Best of luck with the kit.


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Beautiful kit! Really loving the finish

Don't think they're classics though, the classics have MUCH deeper re-rings than those


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Very clean & classy kit..very nice, i'm a Zildjian man but if I ever went with Paiste the 602's would be it very sweet cymbals I like em' a

Thanks for sharing,

Anthony Amodeo

that is one of those kits that gives me that jonesing drug addict feeling I NEED to play it

such a comfortable looking set up

congrats brother

she's a stunner !!