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Greetings Drummerworld! thank you for taking the time to read this thread!!

Ok so here's the situation so far.....

After much procrastination, I've got my schooling back on track and both my parents and I agree that in order to pursue a career in music, it would be in my best interest to go through University and get a degree of some sort. So I was hoping to draw upon all your wisdom and past decisions to help decide where I should go.

I'm not set on a particular University or school as it stands, and I'm open to suggestions. As far as my drumming ability goes I recently turned 17, and i have been drumming since i was only 1 year old. I've played casually for 12 years and just 5 years ago decided to get serious. All my various instructors through out the years have held me in high regard due to my sense of feel and my sight reading skills (which I'm constantly trying to improve upon). Drumming has been my life since before my life started and I know that I will have a career doing what i love!!!!

So in conclusion please give me some of the good advice this awesome community of drummers is known for!!!

Thanx in advance,


p.s. sorry if i came across as arrogant ir whatever when i was trying to describe my "skill level"


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There are many schools that you should look into.

Berklee, of course, is considered a top choice for music studies.

University of North Texas has a great music program.

There's PIT in Los Angeles and I've heard that Indiana University/Bloomfield has a great program.

Jason Sutter went to University of Miami.

Others will probably offer up some good suggestions.

Consider going to a school that is near an area that has a thriving music scene so you can play out, learn the biz and meet other musicians. Networking will be as important as your musical education itself.