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I know this has been talked about in older threads, but I really don't feel like taking dead threads back to life.

So here's the deal. I live in Quebec city, Canada. I have just completed what we call a DEC. Here we have high school, then CEGEP, then university. CEGEP is required to go to uni (2 years), except if you do a technical DEC (3 years) in a particular domain. That's what I did in civil engineering. Plus, I'm in a special program (DEC-BAC) in which I have done the courses needed to go to university. I like civil engineering, but now that my DEC is done, I'm starting to realize that I'm not sure if I want to do this for the rest of my life. What I really want to do is play them drums.

Pretty much all the music schools here are about classical music. I know 2 dudes who are now studying music in Montreal and ALL of their courses are general music courses EXCEPT for one that's about their main instrument. I don't feel like getting into that.

I've always dreamed to go to Berklee, but always felt like it was something impossible only because of the tuitions. I've almost changed my mind about this. The thing is, if I go there, I WILL work as hard as I can. I WILL do anything so that when I get out of there, I will work as a musician (for the rest of my life hopefully). To be honest, I couldn't care less if I pay those tuitions for the rest of my life, I will be doing what I love. I don't care if I don't live with a big income.

When I get to 40 years old, I don't want to be a boring civil engineer telling myself: you should've tried. I want to be a musician or whatever I'll be and tell myself, you tried and it was worth it.

I'm probably gonna get a lot of flame for this for whatever reason, (I always do) but I'm pissed drunk and I don't care.

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Then pay the money and go. That's really all it takes. Berklee, like all institutions of higher learning, will not turn away a person who is willing to pay the money to go there, that would just be crazy to not take somebody's money, especially if they're willing to part with it.

Don't stop believin'

Anthony Amodeo

Berklee has about a 20% acceptance rate

so before worrying about the tuition how about apply and if they offer you an audition.....take it hope you do well enough to be in that 20%


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Don't stop believin'
You know, I thought I was hearing that track slowly fading in whilst reading this. ;-)

When I get to 40 years old, I don't want to be a boring civil engineer telling myself: you should've tried.
No, you don't. That kind of regret can really suck.

I went on scholarship straight out of high school and even though the majority of my income no longer comes from music, I'm very pleased that I had that experience.

Let us know how your audition goes.