Berklee Online Afro-Cuban Drum Set Course Starts April 2nd


Berklee Online Afro-Cuban Drum Set Course Course Starts April 2nd
with 5-time Grammy-Winner Mark Walker

Lesson 1: The Clave in Afro-Cuban Music
Lesson 2: The Cascara
Lesson 3: The Tumbao and Foot Patterns
Lesson 4: Campana: The Bongo Bell Pattern
Lesson 5: Contra-Campana: The Mambo Bell Pattern
Lesson 6: Common Breaks and Figures in Mambo, Salsa, and Latin Jazz
Lesson 7: 6/8 Styles: Bembe
Lesson 8: Cha-Cha-Chá
Lesson 9: Improvisation in Afro-Cuban Music
Lesson 10: Songo
Lesson 11: Coordination Studies
Lesson 12: Putting It All Together