Berhnard its about time mike bordin was featured on drummerworld

Moon is God

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Can anyone tell me why Mike Bordin does not have his own profile on drummerworld. He's a highly recognised drummer and pioneer of the open handed drumming technique i think its time drummerworld gave him it's nod. Any supporters??


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I wouldn't call him a "pioneer" of the open handed drumming technique, he's no where near the 1st guy to use it.

But he is a great drummer who has nice long resume of work.

I grew up in San Francisco, and he used to come in where I worked before Faith No More got big. So when I saw Faith No More open for Metallica in 89, it was "hey, there is that guy!".

Years later, I went to see Metallica again, and Korn was on the bill, and he was filling in.

Moon is God

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But in terms of main stream open handed players id view him as pioneer and being an open handed player myself he was infact the first pplayer i saw who played that way. of course i soon learned that there were and still alot more accomplished open handed players than bordin. But he's one of top men


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Add him to the wish list and in due time Bernhard will decide who or whom makes it to the main page.