Benny Greb snare - original or 2.0 ?


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Hi. I wondered if anyone had experience of these two drums? The new dampening system seems pretty invasive on a relatively small shell, so I wondered if it effected the sound hugely. As I don’t need the dampeners, would the original be a better choice I wonder?


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I saw Benny Greg demo the new 2.0 snare at NAMM last January. It seems like the only major difference with the beech snare is the addition of the two dampers. There are other minor differences, but those seem to only be cosmetic. So if you don’t plan on using the dampers, then I’d probably go with the original. Of course the 2.0 also features a brass model, so if you wanted brass you’d need the 2.0.


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I own the original model ( excellent ) and have played the new wood model and both are really great . The new model has some versatility with the new internal mufflers . They don’t completely choke the head and the tension against the head is fully adjustable . The internal mufflers don’t rattle like the old ones could .
The new model had the fair superior Dual Glide strainer which is much nicer than the strainer on the original model .

I am keeping my original Benny Greb snare as it is just an outstanding snare . You really cannot go wrong with either version .


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As I don’t need the dampeners, would the original be a better choice I wonder?
I think you answered it for yourself right there ;)
Personally i find the original one visually more appealing. Don't like the new lugs and i have something against off-set lugs (we n3dzz teh symm3hrtreh!). BUT... if you record a lot and/or play in a band that requires multiple snare sounds, the new versions are a great idea.

Anyhoo, i'd pick the original one over the reason stated above. I'm still tempted to get one myself, by €700 is a lot of money...
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