Benny Greb drum sound - Meinl thin cymbals


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i am using Toontracks Superiordrummer and EZDrummer as a drum sondsource and want to come closer to sound of tasty Benny Greb drum set.

would you please give me comment, how you consider sound and what tools would you use to tweak it out from Superior Drummer?

I hear, that kick is very calm, snare very dry, hi-hat and all cymbals are very thin and damped. but how to achieve it - EQ?
thanks for sharing ideas


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I only know Addictive Drums, but if I wanted to aim for a Benny Greb sound I might start with the Studio Pop and Soul and R&B sound modules.
The Studio Pop has a Sonor Designer set that will get closer to his sound, The designer snare can be made fat and flat like his little snare, and the R&B set has some Meinl Extra Dry cymbals that will have the dark cymbal sound.

Maybe top it off with the Sloppy Groove ad-pack for a little more life.


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[...]the R&B set has some Meinl Extra Dry cymbals that will have the dark cymbal sound.[...]
Yes having the right cymbal samples to begin with is necessary. While drum samples can be tweaked into sounding like anything, you can't process Zildjian A or Paiste 2002 samples into sounding like the Meinl Sand series that Benny Greb uses. That Addictive Drums R&B pack has the cymbal samples needed. Another AD example would be the old Turkish K's from the "United Pop" pack, those are very trashy indeed!

Sorry, I don't know of any Toontrack expansion set that contain the appropriate cymbals.