Joe Morris

I wanted to tell you guys about my recent experience. Just when I thought I had done it all something new always seems to happen. I did a show in Vegas last week with Magician Rick Thomas. I didn't play with him, I played with Esteban. Rick had his segment and we did a 50 min concert. Anyway, at the end we joined forces on stage. We had rehearsed the ending. All I knew was the tune for the end of the show, and then a big orchestral like ending. I just had to roll like crazy on my crashes for the big end with the usual fan fare and cross sticking and all the fancy stuff. So we rehearsed it. I never put much thought into it. I thought cool its just the end. What I found out at the show a few hours later is that while I was doing this they were dropping 2 Bengal Tigers from up above. So I'm rolling like crazy on my cymbals then this cage drops and bam there is a 2 thousand pound Bengal Tiger. I almost crapped myself. Ha!! It landed like literally 2 feet infront of my kit. It was suppose to be facing the audience like the other ones on stage but his Tiger was not digging all the noise I was making. He was pacing in his cage, pawing at me through the bars and starring me down. Man, I'm glad he was in a cage, I don't think he was digging my playing. ha!!!

Then at the after show party there was Jonathan Moffet. He came out to the gig. Was great to see such a great player and person at one of my shows. Much gratitude to him for coming out. Hope all you drummers are doing great. Since the holidays are coming up and I finally have some time off I will be around. All the best.



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If the tigers are to be removed then the one who lives at Eden will also
be removed in adventures which take place there. Or?


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Wow Joe, I've been involved in some funky stage embellishments in my time, but never something that wanted to eat me! I must admit, I'm not so happy about the animal welfare aspect to that. I can't imagine such a beast would be comfortable with all that stage noise & lighting stuff. Please tell me they didn't fire off any pyro stuff. Anyhow, cool story, & certainly one to put on your collaboration list!


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Thanks for the story Joe. I've had to deal with some skanky cougars at gigs but never Tigers. LOL


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How the heck does someone NOT tell the musicians "oh, by the way, a giant tiger will lowered on stage while you're playing" ??

Anyhow, that's quite a story!