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I was looking in a pawn shop the other day in Arkansas and there was a cymbal for 1999.00 No misplaced periods.

Its a Bellotti cymbal, it was maybe 18 inches or so. It looked beautiful and it was stamped BELLOTTI. And under ITALY.

I couldnt find any on the internet or anything so I was thinking is this cymbal company gone? and why does it cost so much?

So Id like to know if anyone knew any thing about these cymbals.

Mikey Dangerous

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I can't believe you actually found one!!!....and in Arkansas no less?!?! I don't know if they are really THAT valuable, but whoever priced them must have known they were, at least, very rare.

I got this from Wikipedia:

Bellotti Cymbals

Bellotti was a small Italian cymbal workshop which produced cymbals from roughly the 1950s until the 1970s.[1]

Because so few of these vintage cymbals exist on the market today (they are much less prevalent that some other vintage Italian contemporaries, such as Zanchi) Bellotti remains one of the more obscure names in cymbal manufacturers. Most Bellottis are relatively small 12"-15", and quite heavy. Their craftsmanship displays a fine lathing on top and bottom and very broad, circular-peen hand-hammering. The cast bronze cymbals are of a B20 alloy. The bellholes of most Bellottis are of small aperture, which suggests a fabrication date prior to the 1960s or earlier.[2]. Very finely crafted, most existing examples are likely to have been hand or field cymbals, due both to their weight and diameters.

The tell-tale insignia is an embossed stamp on the underside of the cymbal. There are two versions of this stamp. The first simply reads "Bellotti" on capital block letters. The second version which appears also reads "Bellotti", but incorporates the logo of a bell as well. Often, Bellottis also have an embossment which reads "Italy" or "Made in Italy" in a semicircular pattern as well, an embossment which also appears on other Italian cymbals of the 1940s-1960s.


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Wow. That's crazy. I doubt anyone will buy it in a couple of years, crazy awesome hicks don't know anything about cymbals. Maybe when I have enough money I'll buy it


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Rare Bellotti Cymbals now for sale

I have just bought two Bellotti cymbals at an estate sale here in St. Petersburg Fl. They are 12" very well made, heavy and in excellent condition. They can be used for Hi Hats or crash. I have been playing for over 30 years and have never found a Bellotti cymbal. I am going to put them on ebay tonight any guesses what they will go for?[/COLOR][URL=""