Belize Central America 'Drums not Guns' project Gang youths


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I am filming a documentary in Belize and I have just finished interviewing and documenting a man who I think you would be interested in. His name is Emmeth Young. *For the past 10 years he has been teaching the youths of Belize to make and play traditional hand carved drums. He also performs with the youths all over central America. As you may know there is a problem with gang wars in Belize and a high rate of youths are dieing because of gang related murders. Emmeth started a project called 'Drums not Guns' and his project has been working nicely giving the youths an option which they take readily. You can find out more about The Marron Creole Drum school and Emmeth on these web sites:

Thank you for any advice you can give us about how to help Emmeth sell his drums to continue he great cause.

Rose Robin