Beginning Drummer Needs Advice!!!!!


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Whaddup, Drummerworld!
I Was poking around and found this site and loved what I have been reading.
Seems like a pretty fantastic, supportive network of drummers to seek counsel from!
That being said, I am looking to get back into drumming. I used to waaaay back in the day (elementary school) and am now 32. Been telling myself for years that I want to get back into it (on a hobby level, I am in no band or anything) and now it's time to get busy!
However, my problem is that I simple cannot decide if I should get a real kit of the basic variety or, perhaps, a silent/digital set.
So, I suppose the question is two-fold: If I were to get a real kit, what would you all suggest? Please keep in mind I would, ideally, like to keep cost down!
Second, if I were to get a silent/digital kit, what kind would be a good one to get and where? I am in the Boston-area, too.
Sorry for the long-winded post but am not quite sure where to begin. Any and all suggestions/comments/thoughts.
Thanks everyone!


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Go acoustic, and look at Yamaha, Mapex, Tama, Sonor, and Gretsch kits.
Go on eBay and buy used.

Welcome to the forum and welcome back to drumming.
If you've got a space where you can play loud, get a real kit. In fact, if you don't have a place where you can play loud, I wouldn't bother. E-kits are just treadmills for drummers IMO.


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For the money you'd spend on a cheap electronic kit, you can pick up a quality used acoustic. Craigslist can be your friend. The trick is to read every thread on here similar to yours...and research the different makes and models. You can then narrow the search.

I bought a cheap (and I mean cheap) beater set to keep me from making an impatient mistake. I'm picking up quality stands and cymbals a piece at a time waiting on the shell pack of my dreams to come along.

I was out of the game over 20's all different, but all the, read, read, and go beat on some stuff.