Beginner's ridiculous drum positioning


I'm in the market to buy a used, cheap drum set to keep at a rehearsal spot. I only have a budget of about $200, so this is a challenge. I have to say though, it's pretty amusing, and a little shocking, looking at the pictures of some of these cheap drum sets - the way the owners pose the drums for a pictures, makes you wonder what kind of life form could possibly find the positioning of the drums convenient, much less not a health hazard.

There was/is a thread on these boards somewhere about this very topic that I read a long time ago and thought it was pretty funny, but I can't seem to find it. But I have a question, if you're a beginner drummer and just bought a new drum set, or if you're a non-drummer and looking to sell a drum set, wouldn't you take the 5 minutes (at most) to research how drums are supposed to be positioned, at least the basics? I understand that not everyone positions their drums the same way, but Christ, the drums all have to at least be within striking range without causing your body extreme harm! What's the matter with these people? I'll bet money that a lot of beginner drummers quit because their drums are positioned so far out of whack that it would nearly impossible for even Buddy Rich to play a grove on them.


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Try the "weird tom angles" thread here.

Let's just say I've never seen a photo of a mid 1960s Ludwig classic for sale with weird tom angles. Usually those are reserved for cheap Chinese kits with the names of Hammer, Cobra and the like.

$200 won't buy you much. Maybe a banged up Pearl Export.


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As funny as the Tom Angles thread is, I think a lot of those pics are taken by people who have never played drums. Like a kid moves out of his/her parents place and leaves a pile of drums in the attic. 10 years later his mother cleans out the attic, throws the drums in a corner, snaps a pic and puts it up on CL to get rid of them...

The thread is here btw