Beginners electric drum set $100-$300


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So I want to get into drumming, but I am on a really tight money budget. I also have to stay with electric, because I live in a small house with 9 people so loud drums will not work so it needs to be electric. So can I get anything worth buying for $100-$300?

Also for drums is it a instrument I can teach myself with some books, or will I NEED a live instructor??? And what are some good starting books to teach myself???


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ok so what is a decent beginners electric drum set and what would I have to spend?

And I will look into finding a instructor, but is there any good books out there that will help?

And thanks for the help so far.


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well, its not for a band reason...

when you get cheap electronic drums, they start messing up...quick...

like say you hit the snare, 2 seconds later you hear it...delay...thats one reason..

and, if you plan on playing in a band, you'll have to have a PA system for the drums..



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Thanks guys for all the help. I am glad I found a awesome drum forum like this you guys are awesome.

O and also I plan to only practice with a electric, in a year or two when I join a band I would switch to a acoustic drum set.


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Maybe you could buy the new Guitar Hero World Tour with the drumset controller in that price range. You'll also get a cool guitar and a mic! :)

Kidding aside, the drum controller for that game is said to be a MIDI controller as well. I'm thinking about getting it just so I can start playing in parts in compositions... oh, and because it looks way cooler than the Rock Band drums!