Beginner Play Alongs


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Hi everyone, I finally got my drum kit, and have been practicing pretty hard. I bought Tommy Igoes Getting started DVD and have finished that and have his groove essentials on the way. I have found a instructor for lessons but I cant start for a couple months.

Anyways I am wondering if there are any books or DVD/CD that have play alongs for beginners? I would like to play along to some of my favorite music but cant due to my present skill level. Im just looking for anything that I can play along to with my current skill level.

If it matters at all, Im into hard rock style such as Disturbed and some Nu Metal kind of stuff. Thanks everybody!!


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Welcome to DW and drumming! I too am a noob drummer and lay it on my instructor to do the teaching and material lay out...if you are chomping at the bit for material go back over your stuff you have already done...certainly you have not mastered it yet have you??? I did not think so. Rock on Dude, and best of luck



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I bet you can find songs you like that are simple to play.

Some of the stuff I started playing was some easy stuff by Black Sabbath, early Danzig, Ramones...not a lot going on, but the Danzig and Sabbath stuff really teaches you a steady groove. Paranoid is easy to play, but if you are even slightly off timing wise the song sounds like shite.

I didn't even try my first rudiment until I could effectively play songs like that. Rudiments were boring to me. I wanted to play drums.

Disclaimer: Before I inject bad advice, it is IMPERATIVE to take two rudiments a day and you'll be a healthy drummer. :)