Beginner needs first drumset advice

Late Blooming Rebel

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I'm almost too embarrassed to post this but I cancelled my order and re-ordered the set I first chose albeit in a different colour.

I had a bit of a panic attack on Thursday morning that I had ordered the wrong thing and spent too much so, since the shells were on back order and nothing had been charged for or shipped, I rang the store, explained I wanted to make some changes and cancelled the order.

I sat down the following morning and went through everything that was in stock and fit a very narrow selection criteria at two online stores. I even built a spreadsheet listing everything that was available. In the end, I made a choice and submitted my order. I stripped out all the expensive doodads and in the end, saved myself over 500€.

I've had a couple of wobbles since but I keep telling myself they're gonna be fine. After an agonising two day wait, the store has finally shipped everything so there's no backing out now.

So in the end, I got the Silverstars, with the 20" kick drum, in Indigo Sparkle. The Tune-bot and the metronome have been replaced with free apps for now. I am finally content!