Beginner double bass songs?

I'm in a tough spot because the stuff I'm inspired by is mostly prog metal and instrumental prog metal, which is still way out of my capability. I like the use of double bass in Tool and Primus. I do enjoy some straight ahead metal, but I get put off by overly harsh vocals, or silly (to me) death focused lyrics, though I can learn to ignore it. And everything is more fun when drumming along, as opposed to just listening...

I listen to older style metal like Metallica or Iron Maiden regularly.
I like punk super fast beats just for the fast music aspect and the lyrics aren’t as harsh as some of the super fast metal. I know most punk is played with a single pedal but for the speed aspect of it you just do the doubles with both feet. Fill in your own, just use the pace of it.

Metallica I would go back to ride the lightning, or kill em all. A lot of double bass in that. Slayer too but I’m not exactly sure if you would again like the lyrics, pantera is another u could look into.