Beautiful Disaster-311 Transcription Help


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I'm trying to figure out what is being played during the last Chorus of this song, right after the last phrase "I do I don't whatever."
I've slowed it down in Audacity and YouTube, watched videos, listened to Karaoke versions, but still can't nail this section as its very syncopated and the bass is driving a killer sound which compounds what the snare is playing.
Sometimes it works better for me if I can read along the notation as I listen, instead of trying forever to pick up the beats by sound alone, as in this case. I know its just a syncopated beat pattern, but with a transcription, I could get it much easier. This has happened with many Bonham beats as well.

So, due to a lack of time, and the need to get this down for an upcoming gig, if anyone has transcribed this song or section, has notation or knows what's being played here, please chime in, especially with any written portion.
This is one of those songs I haven't seen transcribed by searching around and around forever!