Beater Questions


I thought of buying new beaters for my double bass pedal. Why? I own a Pearl Power Shifter and feel like the beater is heavy and slow. So, do you think it's a good idea to change my beaters or it's not useful? I would like to get some information on the kind of beaters that exist and their price. What do you think about them and wich one would you recommand me?



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I replaced mine with IC beaters a while back. They are lighter and quicker. I had an IC single pedal so I just purchased 1 more for my second. I like the lighter feel of the IC beater over the Pearl beater.


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Changing the beater can be as significant a sound change (and pedal feel) as changing bass drum heads. My preference is towards a hard felt beater (Yamaha), but I also own felt/plastic, felt/wood, solid wood, solid plastic and real soft (square) felt beaters.
i 2nd the iron cobra beaters.. fast and powerful
the rubber ones are my favorite. more defined than felt, less clicky then wood

packs a great punch


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