Beat Challenge



My teacher, among other things, has me working on some new beats. He has introduced 16th notes on the bass and I am having a hard time thus far getting things to groove. I was wondering if any of you who may be further along the journey would look at two such beats and play them at 74 BPM (1/4), record you playing them and then upload them so I can hear how they are supposed to sound. My next lesson is in a few days so no biggie if folks can't 'blige me. And I know this is asking a lot - especially of professionals. Attached you will find an image that contains the two beats - I believe the image and notation are clear and proper.

I will upload me playing the beats in the 'Your Playing" section shortly - which I HATE doing when I play something like crap. But in the interest of gettin' better I shall humble myself.

Thanks in advance -

EDIT: NEVER MIND! I went back downstairs to record me sucking and lo and behold I didn't suck as bad. If anyone wants to still play and record by all means. But I think I figured out that I was rushing the & part of the 16th note on the kick



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