BassDrum pedal sliging/twisting??


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both me and my brothers friend have this problem with i am playin my bassdrum pedal tends to slide not the drum just the pedal. Its not moving away from me its just twisting, like the spot where your heel goes slides inward and then i am not hitting the bassdrum head on. I have tightined it quite a bit and it continues. I do not want to tighten it even harder because it has started to ruin the finish. I have my kit on carpet so the floor isn't the problem. My kit didnt come with a rubber strip on the batter head hoop so im wondering if that might be it. I forgot to pick one up from the drum store the last time i was there. But anyways if you know a way to stop please let me know.
Thanks Brad


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Hi Brad,

You can buy rubber clips to go on your hoop to stop the pedal clamp from doing damage. Seems to me that this is the only reason why it's slipping away; not tight enough. What pedal are you using?



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Make a shim out of something and put it between your hoop and the pedal thingee, build it up so it screws on tighter.


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hey man, if you want a cheap easy way outta this, then get some gaffers tape and put some on the hoop where the pedal clamps down, put as much as u like of it on there, but make sure if you want to build layers with it to make your pedal clamp better, put the gaffers tape on, then put another piece directly over it, and put as much on as you like :). unless ofcourse you realllly dont wanna do 5mins cleaning on the area where it was, if you sell the kit and decide to take the tape off.... hope this made sense :)


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I had this problem too. I've solved it by putting a small hand towel and a sponge between the bass drum hoop and the pedal's clamp. Not only does it protect the hoop from damage but seems to stop the pedal twisting as I'm playing.


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I have a Ludwig Double Bass Pedal, not sure of the specific name but anyways. ya i already tryed tape n it didnt work so ill probly just buy a rubber thing

Steady Freddy

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If you play on a drum rug, put a few strips of Velcro on the bottom of the pedal. Use the hook part, not the fuzzy part. That will keep it in place.