bass pedal technique required?


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Basically no.
I've never seen him playing anything else than heel-up (from memory - hey I'm not a Chris Adler expert but have watched a few of his tutorials on YouTube), and those singles are quick but not ultra fast. He can do it (and way faster) - so can you, with a bit practice. No need to worry. You could use doubles but it's not a must here.


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thanks guys
i am practising heel toe
but as you guys said its not necessary for learning that bass part
i will focus less on this technique now


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Hey everyone
ok so in this drum track of chris adler-walk with me in hell

to play the bass pedal part at 0:38,0:40
is it necessary to learn a bass technique(Heel toe or slide etc)
to play those parts?
Nah man. I've got 13 and a half size feet and have never used heel toe other then to experiment a little with the concept. Just about getting the feel right. It'll be pretty awkward at first, keep at it and notice it become more and more natural feeling. I've never heard a song where I said, "This can't be done without heel toe technique" and I doubt one exists.