Bass drum riser help


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I had the same problems with my Sonor 16" Bass drum and a Premier 18" bass drum using a DW 5000 pedal. Once I switched to a Tama Speed Cobra, both fit like a glove with no angle issues.

Rattlin' Bones

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What I bought. It's very light. Works like a charm.

But still - I have never needed a lift for an 18" kick.

I have the same issue with a Gretsch Catalina and a Tama pedal. No matter how you modify the riser, the chain still has to sit outside the wooden hoop. I bought one of these beaters on ebay - a Sonor copy, and it reaches a bit further plus it has a curved felt so it can hit at an angle and still sound full.
A more drastic approach is to cut into the wooden hoop, or get a narrower hoop. You could buy a spare hoop for the batter side and make it narrower for 3-4 inches.