Bass drum reso logos


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I would prefer that there was NO logo on the bass drum. Just a band name.

As for logos, I do like the Slingerland, Gretsch, 70s Ludwig, 70s Premier, and Sonor logos.


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No Logo, plain black.
Otherwise I would vote for brand logo but way smaller than they are. In that way the vintage ludwig posted here was nice, quite discrete.

I liked this one (surprise) because it was the name of the drum and not the brand, which is unique I think. The typo was classy, gold color and thin typo made it more discrete. But it is a bit too big to my eyes.

Update about the uniqueness of the signia front logo, I think Sonor does that for the SQ2 (the model not the brand on the head)
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both of which was mentioned in a previous thread about them being displayed vertically on the left side. I like the simple font. Gretsch and Ludwig script is just too busy


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classic offset Gretsch
the very old cursive Sonor (pre-block letters)
60's Slingerland, 70's Ludwig, Leedy

of the newer brands C&C