Bass Drum Rebound


So i keep my acoustic kit in my garage and it's pretty cold in there right now.

I set up my pedals so i could play it today, and i was not getting very good rebound

on them at all. Is that because it's cold?

Other options i could think of would be an old batter head, worn beaters, or the head

was tuned weird or something. any ideas?

p.s. i know i'm probably gonna get chewed out for having my kit in cold tempuratures,

but i've had in there for about 10 years with no problem, plus it's my only option.

anyway thanks guys


I'd say the cold might have something to do with it -
the plastic does stiffen, and become more brittle, in the cold.
Having freezing hands and feet probably doesn't help either!! :eek:)


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Not happy with your beater rebound? It could be many things, but the most likely and the one that's worth checking first time, every time.....check your head tension.