Bass drum pedal with riser and flat bed?


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There is a misconception that better gear makes one a better player. It is both true and false.

It is true when your ability exceeds the ability of the gear. For example, I had to buy a new driveshaft for my double pedal because it was worn and I couldn't do heel/toe doubles with it on the left side. The new driveshaft solved that problem, and now I can work on heel/toe properly.

It is false when ones ability is not where they want it. The new gear will not magically make them a better player. A new drummer will only benefit from better gear if their gear is faulty. The basics can be learned on any gear that functions properly.

That being said, I dont see this specific pedal falling into either category. It's mechanics are different, so definitely worth a try to see if you like it.
Aff I'll keep that upgrade for later, my ability is not where I want it to be just like you say and like GetAgrippa said.. the gear is not going to solve my ability problem.

Just to give you an example, I am back from behind the kit and tried to practice this specific exercise:<


I have difficulties repeating these 2 bars twice, my bass drum foot can't keep up with these triplets. I ordered the Bass Drum technique book from Colin Bailey in an attempt to reinforce my bass drum foot. And I also intend to practice the rudiment between the bass drum and Hi hat along with some Hi-Hat comping exercises.

But the first step will be the bass drum foot, it's by far my weakest link.


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I'll tell you what I do to warm up on kick dexterity-play tunes with my foot. Started off with Bolerao, then Will Tell/Lone Ranger, Bonanza, Adams Family, etc. Lots of triplets (galloping triplets) and just dribbling tunes with the beater-much like Colin Bailey. If you get on ground and take your finger you'll feel the pedal sweet spot-you can take your finger and diddle out about anything like a typewriter. You can adjust beater length and you'll feel that adjustment with your finger (there's another sweet spot). Now use your toe or toe pads on spot and play either heel down or up. If you watch Colin he's heel down except fast, finesse stuff his heel raises up a bit-he shifts his fulcrum and direction of force-you titer toter raising your heel. Just like if I sit in a chair flat footed I can tap out anything with up and down motion, but raise my foot and point my toes my whole fulcrum shifts and I can do same thing much faster and adept with mostly small downward movements.
I will probe the pedal with my finger tomorrow, to find it's sweet spot. I never tried so far. Not only that, I started a complete restructuration of the height and position of all of my drums and cymbals.. (with the throne a bit lower) I might have things to validate later.

In the video (colin) I saw the difference between slow and fast, I thought heal up was up much higher then that.. Learning new things everyday.

See you later, I need to go away for the rest of the day.


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I am working on the 16th notes exercises between snare and bass drum. So far I can do ex #1 at 70bpm stable for maybe 40 seconds (less) before I lose speed.

It,s difficult

For how much time should I practice the exercise per session in your opinion?