Bass Drum Pedal Screw keeps loosening up...

this screw of the pedal keeps loosening up when:

- i use too much rebound of the bass drum or try to use to heel-toe technique

it loosens and falls down after 5 minutes or so and its really annoying.

this process (of loosening up) although slows down comparatively when i use less rebound off the head.

please explain to me (a) the purpose of this screw, (b) how to fix my problem.

i believe i do have some problem when i play the beater without this screw put on, i think the beater keeps moving too much side to side instead of staying in a straight vertical line from the head and back. ... !!!????


oh and btw, this is not my drum pedal, this is just an image i took from the internet. my pedal is a stock one which came with the drum kit, no brands :) !!


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Looks like the screw plays some part in keeping the beater shaft in place?

If you want to prevent this or any other screw from loosening, a good solution is to use threadlock - it's a bit like a glue that holds the screw thread in place but will still allow you to remove it if needed. Loctite 243 is a medium strength threadlock that I have used for this sort of thing and it has worked well. It comes in a small red tube.


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The locktite should solve the problem.Try the blue one(242) first,and if it fails to work properly,the green(290) .They are made to withstand vibration,and still will be able to be removed with hand tools.Do NOT use the red stuff(271).To get that stuff off ,you need to heat the threads to 500 degrees F.

You could also try plumbers teflon tape.Its about 1 buck at most home centers.

Steve B