Bass drum muffling for low volume

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I've been playing on a 14x18" BD with a silent stroke head, and even though I've mostly whipped the flutter problem, deflection is an issue now with denser note patterns, and patterns played with more force. So much so, that the beaters will angle from the amount of head deflection.

The issue is if you tune the SS BD head looser (to mitigate flutter) you create more deflection. If you tighten the head to solve deflection you induce more rebound and therefore flutter.

I'm going to set up an RC BD, 14x22, and I have an old Remo Muffle head with the full foam insert (covers the entire BD head) as a starting point on the batter side, or it could move to the reso - whatever works best.

And so with that, what materials or methods can you suggest to dramatically mute the volume of the BD, either with a full front head or ported?

I was considering the usual (blankets etc) and also rolled up foam (mattress pad) or packing peanuts etc. I'm itching to transfer what I've worked on BD wise to something more resembling a BD than a trampoline.

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Maybe/probably not what you're after. But, an interesting idea.



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4" x 6" duct tape impact patch worked on my 14x18. Still a tad springy, but close enough for me.


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Have you considered a Tama sponge beater?