Bass Drum hoops going out of round?


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I have a new Tama Rockstar with wood BD hoops (poplar I think). Last week when I was changing the batter head I think I noticed that the hoop was sitting unevenly on the head. I evened it out as much as possible, but then when tuning it seemed like 4 of the rods needed to be very tight, while the other 4 were just barely above finger-tight (and they were staggered, not contiguous) to get even tension.

The kit was only 2-3 weeks old at this time (I was swapping out the stock head for an EQ4).

I adjust the legs so that the front of the BD is about 1-2" off the floor (so that the pedal lies flat and to increase resonance as suggested in most books and and tutorials I've watched/read).

Is it common for all that weight (weight of BD + 2 toms and HW) to bend the hoops that quickly or am I doing something wrong?

And can this cause any permanent damage to the drum?