Bass drum hoop protector

Hey all, I just got a new set (Tama Starclassic - Bubinga - Ultra Violet) and I wanted to see if I can get ahead of a minor problem that affected my older set. When I attach my bass drum pedal (Iron Cobra double) to the hoop I really screw it in tight so that they dont separate (anyone that has had that happen knows the panic). Problem is, the hoop gets kind of stained and dirty on the inside, and the finish gets messed up on the outside. Is there a product, or funky workaround, that I can fit over that part of the hoop that will protect the hoop from the damage of a bass pedal?

I have used a folded paper towel, but that doesnt really work overly well.

Looking for suggestions. Maybe I'm just being overly picky about the cosmetics of my set.


Tama, Yamaha and I believe Gibraltar make hoop protectors that I'm aware of. Tama's is sort of a cloth material with adhesive on the back side, where as Yamaha and Gibraltar is ribbed rubber. With the rubber hoop protectors you don't have to tighten the pedal screws as tightly causing marring on the bottom of the bass drum hoop.

Awesome thanks. I think I will pursue the gibralter rubber pad which I have seen before (didnt know who made it).

My tama hoop does have the red clothlike patch on it, but its already getting kind of pushed in and folded. My guess is it wont last the life of the kit.