Bass Drum Hoop Mounted Snare-Your Thoughts?


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I recently picked up an Odery Cafe Kit. I got a good price on it, because it did not include the stands/pedal, only the necessary mounting hardware. The 12" snare comes with a bracket that runs of a ball and socket L-arm on a multi-clamp, which is typically connected to the hi-hat stand. I don't like the look of hanging toms or snares off of stands, and I also like using lightweight hardware, and I won't be able to do that if I'm hanging a drum off the hi-hat stand; the stand would be too top heavy.

I'm thinking about replacing the triple flange bass drum hoops with wood hoops, and then using the DW Claw Hook clamp and L-arm to mount the snare on the batter (pedal) side hoop. I like that DW Claw hook clamp and I have used it before to mount splash cymbals on L-arms Buddy Rich style. It's very sturdy. It will also help balance the weight on the small bass drum, because the "floor" tom hangs on the opposite side, but close to the pedal side.

My question to you all is: Do you think that would put too much stress on the wood hoop? The snare is not overly heavy, and the DW claw hook clamp grips both the front of the hoop and the back of the hoop (actually head) so it is sturdy. I've seen pictures of someone doing this same thing on a Sonor Safari Kit, but those have metal hoops not wood. What do you think?




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The snare might not be heavy, but each time you hit it the force of the stick impact is going to increase the stress on the hoop at the mounting point moreso than just the drum at rest. So you have gravity + weight of drum + impact force all being imparted on one little section of wood hoop. If it were me, I would stick with metal hoops.


You would be mounting both toms and the snare on the bass drum, right? If I had to guess, I would say the bass drum could handle it.

What actually comes to mind is the feasibility of switching out the triple flange hoop with a wood one. I would be sure that the lugs of the bass drum can accommodate the wood hoop, as the tension rods will probably be at an angle instead of entering the lugs straight-ahead. Also, will the wood hoop prevent the L-arms for the toms to extend past the drum head? I hope that makes sense.

Sounds like a great project!


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Thanks for the replies. If I left the triple flanged hoop on, I could use one of those LP Percussion "claws" that have an L-rod to mount cowbells etc. I'm thinking that may be a better option.