Bass Drum & Hi-Hat Pedal Reversal(?)


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Bass Drum & Hi-Hat Pedal Heel Control?

Hi Guys

Just had a worrying thought. Some years ago I had a motorcycle accident that, amongst other things, damaged the sciatic nerve on my right leg. I suffered with foot drop for many years and even now the strength to lift that foot is about 30% of what it should be.

Here's the question. When I buy my kit I want to be able to control the bass drum pedal by stomping down with my heel rather than pushing down with my toes.

Is this possible?

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There was a pedal or two years ago made off the concept of using the heel. Have to see if I or someone here can remember the name. Wondering if it would be better for you to set the bass up to play left footed either with a double pedal or putting the bass to the left side and using the right foot for the hi-hat. You could run a remote hi-hat and keep the hi hat on the left and use the right foot to control it. Might feel odd at first but may be a good solution for you.


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Thanks for the advice. I also received an email reply from a store that I may buy my kit from.

They said:

"Most rock and pop players play with a style called 'heel up', where the ball of the foot rests 3/4 of the way up the pedal footboard. The bass drum is played through the lower leg movement primarily (with bigger stokes utilising more of the thigh muscles) as the foot 'bounces' on the pedal. Another technique that can be used is 'heel down' where the whole foot is in contact with the pedal footboard, (which is what I think you'll have to do), primarily a technique used for lighter playing (as the toes do come in to play) but can be used to great effect with a little more force! It's an adjustment of this technique that you should target I think."


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Thanks KB. That makes perfect sense. It seems all is not lost with a standard pedal. Phew! :D