Bass drum experience with a 24x16"


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Hi all - Has anyone had any experience with a 24x16? Does it feel that much different than a 24x14"? The reason I ask is I have a 22x16 and 22x18 and they're really not that different. All thoughts are appreciated.


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The reason 24x14" is widely regarded as the sweet spot is because any deeper and you begin to lose articulation and punch. The deeper a 24" bass drum is, the more "vague" and/or delayed the response is off the head.

Also, a 24x14" bass is actually really good for fitting into vehicles due to the short depth. Some say a 24x14" is actually easier to transport than a 22x18."


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My current bass drum is a Ludwig Classic Maple in 24X16. I've previously owned several kits with 24X14. I have to say there isn't all that much difference, I don't *think*. The thing is, there was a big gap where I played a 22 before getting this 24X16, so I haven't done a side by side. Still, I think there is more difference in sound due to heads, tuning and muffling than in that 2 inches of depth.

I will say that the 14" depth is a bit easier to haul around, though.


14" depth for me. I've owned lots of depths and diameters over the years and one of the best sounding kicks I've EVER heard was a 14x24 Gretsch from the 80s.


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I have a 24 x 14 Noble and Cooley Horizon bass drum and it might be my all time favourite bass drum . I love my 20 x 14 bass drums , but once you play a 24 x 14 it is hard to go back to a 20” .

16” deep is the absolute deepest I would ever get a bass drum regardless of diameter . I dislike the feel and responsiveness of bass drums deeper than 16“.


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Unless you have some good damping, anything over 14" depth is WAY too boomy. Thomas Lang uses a 24x18 & it's just pure thunder unless he pillows it & does some good tuning.
I have a 22x20 (deep) "cannon kick" and the amount of air it moves is unreal. I can't imagine what a kick of that size will do.