Basement studio recorded EP, self recorded & mixed


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Very nice work! Some clever stuff in there. Lots of textures, & I like that a lot. Of course, being an old fart, my favourite bit was from around 6:00 to 14:00, but I like the contrast with the spacial funkiness too. Good job man:)


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Very Nice!!! loved it!
only because im an audio engineer... are you limiting a lot? i feel drums especially might have lost punch due to heavy limiting or may be that's just the sound you were going for!
job wel done anyways!!

David Floegel

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Wow sounds cool!!

But I think the drumset could be a bit louder and more in the middle in the stereo view :)

I agree, the drums have a lack of attack - but in my opinion it's more semi-good eq'ing and no compression?
Just my suggestion, I'm not a software engineer though :)

Well done, I love the music :) Keep it up :)