Base Pedal Dilemma


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Newbie here, looking for some help/direction…… I recently traded my old Yamaha Tour Custom set in on a new set of DW’s and I’m extremely happy with my decision. However I’ve discovered a problem, my Yamaha set had a 22 inch base and when I ordered the DW kit I ordered it with a 20 inch base. I hadn’t considered that it would cause the base pedal beater to strike the new base half way between the center and the top of the head – not what I wanted. I’ve tried cutting the beater down so that it will strike the base in the center but the feel seems wrong and I don’t want the beater striking the base high as it affects the sound. Help! Any suggestions, is it a matter of getting used to the different feel of the pedal or do I need to buy additional hardware????

Thanks to all - Rob


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Most pedals, you simple adjust the beater hight. Expect some difference in feel whenever you change one kick out for another. I've had 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 inch kicks and several different types of e-pad triggers. They all have different feels to them. Different beaters as well, will have different feels. Plastic, wood, hard felt, shaggy wool.


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Yes this is a problem however I like the feel of my pedals the way they are so I don't bother adjusting the beater height for every bass drum, just leave it where it is I doubt it will affect the sound too much.


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Thanks all for the replies, I've always had a 22" base and as I'm only a hobbiest I've never run into this before. I guess I'll try different things, adjusting the tension to get closer to the feel I like, getting used to striking the drum at the higher location, etc. The pedal itself is a Yamaha, I believe it's in the 800 series as it came with the Tour Custom set I had, all the the other hardware was in that series so I'm assuming the pedal would follow suit. Thanks again!