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What is your deal with Keller drums.
It's a multi-million dollar backwards endorsement deal. I bring attention to the brand and rile up ornery guys on drummer world.

You seem to really have something against them.
You seem to have something against just about every subject you chime into. I've actually got nothing against being a general contrarian, but your tone is constantly nasty and I think you should knock it off, not that it matters what I, or you think.

At any rate, I've attempted to explain my thoughts several times. I feel that market fragmentation leads to healthy competition and innovation through more than just one way of doing things. Keller's setup is king for a lot of very good reasons, and I don't want them to go away. I wouldn't dislike a more fragmented market with more artistic and visionary directions. As this thread has highlighted, there are a few companies actually making their own drums, and I'd personally like to see more. What is it about my position on this issue that has your panties all twisted? Why should you care enough to make venom-filled posts?

Are you a conspiracy theorist?
I generally prefer to form my own theories. Do I theorize that conspiracy as a concept is a possibility to my reality? Sure. What's that got to do with our discussion here about raw shell providers and related markets?

Much like DW, Keller has duped everyone into buying their inferior products and monopolised the market?
Oh, right, you've got this theory that I've got a conspiracy theory going. I was going to say this is clearly not what I've been saying, but had to remember your state of mind here. Carry on if you must.

Just buy the damn Barton shells and let it go already!
I'm happy to report that I do not have to base my internet discussion topics on your preferences! How about you just go away and then you don't have to read all these imaginary conspiracy theories you're seeing everywhere.

Hell, for that matter I think you should put all your money in Barton stock. You should clean up right. You've made it abundantly clear that you are a visionary. Ladies and gentlemen, the future of ply drum manufacturing is about to change and Dr. Watso told us so.
Wow. With a written lashing of this caliber I'm probably going to have trouble sleeping tonight. I guess I have no choice but to finally admit that I'm a paid barton brainwashing agent who is indeed a part of a very large conspiracy theory enthusiast group, hell bent on bringing down the evil Keller demons. You got me and really showed us all who's boss here.


No. Keller was the new force in the market, they did not have another Keller to contend with when they came on the scene, only the larger drum companies who already had a pretty fractured market share setup.
Wasn't Jasper around when Keller started?


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Wasn't Jasper around when Keller started?
Maybe. I'm not super up to date on Jasper stuff but I recall it's mostly known for like 60's and 70's Gretch shells? I think that would put them both getting going at around the same time. Regardless, as small as the drum shell market now is, it was way smaller back then and the first few players to a new market will usually get a big advantage. I think the world has changed a bit much to make the comparison to what we have today and the new forces such as overseas labor and greater demand leading to more product and cheaper production.


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So I half-heartedly "applied" for the Barton drum endorsement. Of course they didn't give me a full deal, only "40% select kits" (having trouble moving kits, guys?). But what really struck me as hilarious was this line...

Most drummers don’t know that from a manufacturing standpoint, the difference to build a cheap $300 drum set or a set costing $4500 is actually only a cost difference of about $200 (usually less) for the builder. The majority of costs for expensive drums goes straight into marketing and bottom line costs, that aren’t the drums themselves. Barton's goal is to show drummers that paying more doesn’t mean getting more. For our drums we source the exact same wood as many of the top builders and our building techniques are most often better than many of our competitors.
Yeah, I'm thinking that's not even close to true.


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Yeah, I'm thinking that's not even close to true.
Probably quite an exaggeration yeah. But there's probably some truth to it though. For example, certain mfgs have started using Alpi or similar as finish plies on their high-end kits. Now they no longer have to spend time and money finding exquisite veneers for their outer plies which should cut the manufacturing costs significantly the way I see it. But the prices haven't been cut. I do think real high end customers expect to pay top dollar, so any price reduction might be a double edge sword.

That's why I like a company like Guru where it's real easy to see where the money goes!


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Read through this thread.. I can confirm Barton drums are the real deal. The shells are QUALITY, as is the hardware. I have a keller maple kit.. doesn't compare.

Here's a vid of a kit I got to play. I loved the kit so much, I bought my own.

and then my brand new kit. 22x14, 13x9, 16x16, 14x5. North American Maple.

I used to have an account on Drummerworld so many years ago, but I don't have access anymore unfortunately.


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My father used to say:

"For those who understand, no explanation is necessary and for those who do not, none will suffice"....

To the rest of you.... Premium, hand made drums—classically appointed, incredible tone. The best wood. The "low-price promise" from one drummer to another.
Shouting from the back of the room 'Prove it!'. Or else this is all talk, no trousers.


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Added the below to your other thread. Have now seen this one.

Good drums, assembled in Asia but USA based and they use American Maple.

Played a couple of sets and Barton are lovely drums. The below set sounded unreal.

I really like them.



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The Jasper shell maker went out of business so Keller makes Gretsch shells with the same Jasper formula is my understanding? There are drum manufacturers but also a bunch of drummers and smaller companies that buy the Kelller shells, wraps, hardware, and will "custom" build you a handmade drum kit. Billy Blast drums come to mind. I've looked at building my own with Keller shells (they will custom make them too)-there are a bunch of forum members building their own drums. I don't think drums have as huge a mark up as glasses and contact lenses. It's all how you like your sugar-plies or solid. Because wood is mostly cellulose which is just polymerized glucose with resistant beta-glycosidic linkages whereas most sugars have alpha-linkages. Says a flashback from biochemistry class LOL. Now there are a bunch of Asian drum shell makers I'd wager their relatively inexpensive shells aren't much different than Keller-in fact may even be better since they are so good a sneaking proprietary info to their advantage. Like painting a picture a great artist will make a great one and a mediocre will make a mediocre one-so is probably the "hand made" factor. Doc I'm sorry you can't bring up a beinign topic without getting your head ripped off. Maybe it's just angst from Cornavirus fears?

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I bought a set of Barton's last year. Nice drums. Lite thin shells. But they had double-ended lugs so on bass ands floor tom the screws were really long. Easy to bend or damage moving around and gigging. They looked good and sounded good.