Barrett Deems

His playing reminds me a lot of me.
At 3:30 in the morning while I'm taking my 8. Hour nap 😁😁😁 Wow!
I would say I hope I can play like that when I'm 71 but I have a long ways to go in just 8 years. Probably not gonna make it I probably should just stick to 2 and 4..😁😁😁
Barret Deems was at one time labeled the fastest drummer in the world. He's pretty incredible. Another master to learn from!

Oh goodness in heaven...........that was an unbelievable display of passion and fire.

Talk about high power!! little ego was killed instantly by the voltage coming out of that video clip.

So seemingly if I play like him, I could extend my life by 100 years or so.

Longevity works for him playing like that.

Strewth, Shiver me Timbers, I'll be Horn-Swaggled.
I used to go and see Barrett play in Chicago when he had a long-running steady gig at the Elbo Room. What a character! He must have been around 82 at the time. Still swinging hard!

He would play about half of the night, and either one of the trumpet players or another local drummer would sit in for the other songs. You could really feel the magic when Barrett would sit down and play. Legend!
I was interested to see if there are any interviews with Barrett Deems. This is a lively 29 minute interview with Barrett Deems conducted by Studs Terkel. Here is the link to the full interview and some excerpts that I found interesting:

On the importance of drummer to the band
Studs Terkel: Now we come to that, the drum. You know we know what a clarinet does or the trumpet certainly the cornet
and the trombone and for that matter the bass other than the bass and other piano, but the drum. What role does the drum
play in a jazz band?

Barrett Deems: Well I always said a drum was like building a house. Here you build up a ten million dollar building and you don't put
a foundation. So here you go and get a band. You got a lousy drummer and you got a half a million dollar band.
So what I discovered the band going to fall apart like the apartment house.
It won't stand up. So you gotta have a kicking driving drummer of the band.

On his practice habits
Studs Terkel: You still practice, don't you?
Barrett Deems: Four hours a day.
Studs Terkel: Even now?
Barrett Deems: Have to.
Studs Terkel: Half a century, your practice looks like 4 hours
Barrett Deems: Sure, when them bones get old and brittle, you wake up the morning, say uh oh! Ain't nothing. Popcaon
is not cooking. [laughter] So you got to practice.

On his looks
Studs Terkel: You like the drummer on the Muppet Show?

Barrett Deems: Oh! That's my favorite drummer! But I got to get a haircut or all the women that come to the brunch said, You look
like that drummer on The Muppet. I say, thank you.
I read an interview once where Barret was asked how he developed his amazing technical ability, and he replied "Practice while wearing winter gloves-that'll put some chops on ya." I've never actually tried that, has anyone else used similar methods?
Every once in awhile I'll be going through back issues of Modern Drummer and I'll run into Barret hunched over his kit where I drew a chain around his neck with a plaque that said Ian Paice. It seemed like ions ago. In the photo he looked like the kid that got picked on at school.
Another video gem that was posted by Drummerworld channel a while back. Great performance by all the musicians and there is that patented Barrett Deems left hand roll.

Barrett Deems: The fastest drummer of the Golden Age of Jazz

The story of Barrett Deems a year before he passed away as told by Rob Cook of the Chicago Drum Show.
Barrett Deems goes to the Chicago Drum Show weak and frail wheeling an Oxygen tank.