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Our band has finally created a nice set list and we are trying to acquire more gigs. We have a large blues fest that we are playing in September that we are very excited about. It is just a 30 minute side stage gig, but we are excited none-the-less. Our goal at this gig is to get our name out there and direct people to our website. We have found that, in our area at least, everyone wants to see your website.

We just sat down this past weekend and started making our site. It is very basic at the moment and I was wondering (from those of you with band websites), what is needed in our site? What things have worked for you on your sites? Any do's or don'ts?
Ours currently looks like this (by tabs):

Home- Name of band and a link to the blues fest we are playing in September
About Us- Band picture with description of our music. We also have individual pictures of each band member that we, eventually, would like the ability to click on and have a bio from each member.
Gallery- At the moment, we just have 4 songs that you can click on to hear samples from Sound Cloud
Concerts- Up and coming gigs (which, unfortunately, is limited right now)
Contact Us- Option to either e-mail or call with contact numbers listed

As you can probably tell, we are amateurs at this whole website thing. I have suggested that we have a visitors counter so that we can see if we get an increase in hits after our promotion at the September gig or other gigs we may get between then.
I would like to see examples (from those of you who don't mind). Please post links to your sites. We just want to get the most out of our site so I am looking for advice.
Thanks in advance!
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Netz Ausg

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Have a look at our recently recreated website - see if you find anything there you might have overlooked:


Got a link to your current build?

*EDIT* Please note the recordings are featuring the previous drummer - not me. (/end disclaimer)


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Thanks, Netz Ausg! Nice looking site! Unfortunately I am at work right now so I couldn't listen to the recordings you have on there, but I'll check those out later.
Ours isn't "up" yet so I can't post it, but yours looks somewhat similiar to what we are doing. I like the Twitter space on yours.
Seems like I saw a band's site one time where people could leave posts on their site. I guess you would call it a bulletin board? I thought that was kinda cool, but wondered if something like that could backfire, especially after a bad gig. :)


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I've designed a few websites for different singers/bands/drummers as well as for myself, and the first thing I notice is a lack of info on the home page. You might do better by consolidating some of the tabs and have more info on the home page. If all you have is a link to your festival, you can stand to have some more content there. I would include a short bio, and maybe some sound clips as well as show dates on the home page. People are more likely to just look at the home page and nothing else, so as much info as you can have there would be best. When I track my personal website, the majority of traffic just goes to the homepage, not much else.

I would definitely stay away from having a visible visitor counter on the site. That will immediately make your site look like it was made in 1995. Check out Google Analytics, it's a free service, and lets you track the number of visitors, where they are from, which pages they clicked on, as well as what google search terms might have led them to your site. It's a great free tool, and nothing actually appears on the site.

If you are a cover band, you'll probably want to put your setlist on the site as well. People hiring for private parties will want to see that, and for a cover band, that's where the money is.

As far as your contact page, you may want to make sure you have a contact form, rather than just publishing your email address. Once an email address is put out there on the web, you can always expect a ton of spam to follow.

Lastly, I would look at re-naming the "gallery" tab. Usually a gallery is associated with photos, so it might confuse people. Of course these suggestions are just going from your description. A link to the site would help more people give suggestions.

Lastly, just in case you were thinking of it, I find that people really don't like going to a site that plays music as soon as the page loads. A lot of musicians/bands want that feature for obvious reasons, but I'd think twice about that. Personally, I find it annoying, especially since I'm usually listening to music through my computer already.

You can check out my site if you want, to see how things are organized.


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Thanks, choki! You have given a lot of great advice here. I see what you mean about the home page. I noticed that Netz Ausg's site was set up that way- with everything pretty much accessible from the home page.
With the way ours is set up now, you have to start clicking on tabs to start getting information. We are going to change that. I also agree with you about the music playing upon entering the site. I don't like that either.
Again, thanks for the info! I'm learning a lot already!